Your Alarm Company’s website is probably losing leads to your competition.

Shopper shop on search engines like Google and Bing.

of customers begin their buying process with a search engine.

If your website isn’t seen by online shoppers, you’re missing sales.

Your competition may be getting the sales that should have been yours. Is your website seen by shoppers in all the areas you serve? Is it seen by shoppers for all of the types of systems you offer?

Most websites are online brochures. They may look good but, sadly, most shoppers never see them. Is your website just an online brochure?

“A properly designed website along with the optimization of other online elements can have a huge impact on sales!”

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Is your website just an online brochure? Is it seen by shoppers in all the areas you serve? For all the system types you offer? Get a free report that will answer these questions.

I know your business. I’m a veteran of the Alarm Industry.

Not only am I an expert in websites and online marketing, I am a veteran of the Alarm Industry. I owned an alarm dealership for 22 years. I also operated a Central Station for 18 years.

The story of a successful partnership

“My website doesn’t work.”

In 2009, two old friends had formed a startup security system company- Security Pro of Florida. One of the partners had been an employee for my old alarm company that I ran for 22 years. The partners knew I had been working as an online marketing consultant, so they reached out to me with a problem. They had paid for a new website from a popular website and online marketing shop. They were disappointed with the tiny trickle of leads they were getting from the website. They asked if I would help them.

The website looks OK.

The existing website looked alright. It had great stock images and graphics. It worked well. But, it produced very few leads.

They need a new website.

I broke the news to the partners. They needed a new website- one that was, from the ground up, built to capture leads from security system shoppers. After developing a solid strategy, I designed and built a new website for Security Pro.

Leads pour in!

Leads began to pour in. The new website brought in $42,000 in sales during the first month after launch, a massive jump from the old website’s tiny number of sales. The partners were delighted.

Expand to new cities and services

The partners wanted to expand to other cities in Central Florida. I designed the website to pull in these leads. Security Pro’s owners wanted security camera leads, and fire alarm leads. I expanded the site to collect these leads too.

Million-dollar lead!

The website pulled in one lead from a distant city that eventually produced more than a million dollars in sales.

Still growing strong

Eleven years after l began to work with Security Pro of Florida, we are still expanding the website to collect leads for new business categories.

Website is the main source of leads

Whenever I visit with the partners, they tell me that the website is their primary source of leads.

Proud of their success

Security Pro of Florida LLC has become an awesome, very successful security system and alarm dealer. I’m sure they are proud, as I am, of what they have built. I’m also proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish for them.

Neal has been a vital part of our companies growth. Neal has built us such an incredible presence that our company is seen all over our state not just in our local area. If I google similar companies to mine or any variation of search words or locations, there we are, It’s Amazing!!!



“When prospective clients call, we offer to send out an introduction email about our company and services. Much of our clientele now tells us – no need –  ‘I have seen your website and google reviews; we are ready to schedule.’  That pretty much says it all!”

A client

“It was important to have someone who is excited about what he does and Neal is that person. Neal, thank you for ALL you have done for our company!”

A client

Neal manages the website and internet marketing for Executive Electronics. I had purchased a website from another company but it wasn’t producing leads. Two years ago, Neal built a new website for EE and began managing our internet marketing. The results? Last year our sales doubled and I expect sales to double again this year. The website traffic nearly tripled during this time. Neal deserves much credit for our rapid growth.

John Minerva

Chairman, Executive Electronics of Southwest Florida Inc.

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Neal Scott

Neal Scott

Neal’s Father invented and patented a listen-in (like Sonitrol) security system for local businesses after getting a request from the Daytona Beach Police. That system helped the police catch many burglars in the act. Neal began working in the business at a very young age, assembling the in-house listen-in security systems. He moved on to part-time installing and service when he was still in High School in 1971. He has been involved in the security industry ever since. He moved to sales and then to management and he eventually bought the business. He renamed the business Security 1 which he ran for 22 years. Security 1 monitored 4,000 customers from it’s own 24-hour monitoring office. Security 1 ultimately had 50 employees including a sales team and a telemarketing team. While involved in the First Alert Professional program, Security 1 won awards as the fastest growing business in its category. Marketing was Neal’s favorite aspect of the business.

Neal didn’t retire. He began providing branding and marketing services for security system dealers. He established an e-commerce business.

In 2007, Neal began building websites and providing online marketing for security system dealers.

Neal has a rare combination of experiences, talents, and skills that combine to provide gold-standard internet marketing that results in more leads for alarm dealers.


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